Sagarmatha Institute for Technology and Medical Science Pvt. Ltd.

Nepal is one of the countries with high potential for development. There are fewer employment opportunities in Nepal due to the lack of technology in the development works. Less income among low and mid-level populations and farmers from less land (0.5 ha) is a key problem for the development. The major cause of less income is the adoption of less productive traditional technologies in daily life practices. The low income compels the people to migrate to Indian cities and overseas labour migrants to fulfil their family needs. These problems have highlighted the need of urgent solutions to disseminate the improved employment technologies in agriculture, education, qualitative health service delivery and community development systems by uplifting the available technologies for both urban and rural communities in Nepal.

Likewise, a low number of skilled human resources in the above-mentioned sectors has directly resulted in a low level of access to services across all levels in Nepal. For example, population per doctor and population per hospital bed are very high and insufficient access to services as compared to other SAARC countries. Considering these situations, it has been realized that there is a need for the private sector's participation in technical education and skills development programs in which the Government of Nepal has also focused as the priority areas. With these caveats, a group of highly qualified and experienced in different sectors have established "Sagarmatha Institute for Technology and Medical Science (SITAMS) Pvt. Ltd." to contribute to developing skilled human resources in different fields.

SITAMS was established in 2010 with a broad goal of empowering youth and eradicating poverty through entrepreneurial skills development and transforming low-tech to high-tech. It works in the PPPP (Public-Private-People Partnership) modality aiming to develop a wide professional network for sustaining its contribution. It has following vision, mission, goal and overall objectives.

Vision, Mission, Goal and Objectives

SITAMS intends to establish itself as a high-tech skills creation center in South Asia in 2030.

SITAMS conducts a wide range of technical skills development programs for youths with a Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) modality and provides consultancy services in different sectors.

To empower youth and eradicate poverty through Skill Creation and Entrepreneurship Development


  • To impart training for skills development focusing on "Self-Employment in Nepal"
  • To help develop skills to use and mobilize local resources and establish industrial homes and promote access to markets through value chain development.
  • To build the capacity of youths and develop market linkages for the sustainability of community livelihood.
  • To help prepare local youths as social change agents in the community through ‘values-based’ service industries.

Our Clients

SITAMS has provided its services to various government and non-government organizations.